This strong and smooth stainless steel massage ball solves several issues with other massage products available today. One being that with use, massage balls tend to wear down and become less effective. Another being they tend to collect microbes over time in pits, grooves, and tiny cracks that make it difficult to keep it clean, and a third being the design of the ball is hard to use for multiple purposes. Stainless steel is naturally extremely durable and antimicrobial. The smooth surface makes it easy to use over clothes and on bare skin, and with or without lotion. The size of the ball makes it easy to grip but not cramp your hand when used on yourself or on another person, and with the surface being sensitive to temperature it can easily be utilized to also include hot and cold therapies. Simply place in warm water or the refrigerator ten minutes before use to add a soothing heat or a calming coolness to your massage.


Includes one large and one small Body Ball.

The Body Ball System