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We're glad you are here! We have taken the time to compile information and recipes that have made our journey into a healthier lifestyle easier and we hope they bring value to you.  Poke around, stay a while, let's be friends! 

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About Us

Emily Nicol & Josh Miller

Who am I?

Hey! I am Emily and I am so excited to give you an inside look into my kitchen and into my life (at least the parts that will help you in your health journey). My boyfriend Josh is my amazing support and taste tester for all my recipes. (So good of him, right?) He also creates all of the cocktail recipes and they are delicious beyond belief.

I can't promise that you are going to like what you see, it may be raw (dough), unfiltered (vinegar), and rough around the edges (hand cut cookies) but it will definitely be real (ingredients). We hope you enjoy getting to know us. Read More >

If you are like us, it can be a lot more fun to learn from a video than from just print.  We have put together some short, info packed videos on using essential oils just for you...and the internet.



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