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Top 10 Essential Oils for Manly Men

Essential Oils have long been thought of as feminine or for women...but that isn't the case anymore. Essential oils are just as useful for manly men (or those who want to become such) and we are about to see how.

While there are many essential oils that can be used in addition to this list, these are some of the oils that I feel are most important for men to learn about and have in their collection. Plus, I tried to pick some of the oils that smell like a man, a clean one, so that he doesn't get sassed at the gym or around the office.

Feel free to click the names of the oils below to learn more about each one.

#1 doTERRA On Guard

Men are tough a lot of the time, but when it comes to getting sick we can be the biggest of babies. On Guard is a blend that is designed to assist men through that weakened state and into health again. I like to apply a couple of drops to my chest a few times a day when I am sick or once a day preventatively when people around me are sick. I have found that I get healthy a lot quicker or stay healthy longer when I am diligent about this application. Plus, the oil blend smells like Christmas; and let's face it, ladies like that.

#2 Deep Blue Rub

There comes a day when every man realizes that he isn't a teenager anymore. For some that comes in their twenties, and others realize it in their 40's. Whenever you wake up with that stiff neck or aching joints from having too much fun on the court, field, or course massage a little bit of deep blue on those sore muscles and you will be back up and running in no time. A little bit goes a long way, so literally a pea sized amount is enough - you will thank me if you listen to this advice (#moreisnotbetter).

#3 doTERRA Slim & Sassy

Admittedly, this essential oil blend does not have the manliest of names, but it is super effective and therefore made the list. You can always peel the label off the bottle when you throw it in your gym bag. Slim & Sassy is designed to promote and maintain a healthy metabolism. You can add it to your water or take a couple of drops orally throughout the day to manage hunger and accomplish weight management goals. I like to add it to my protein shake in the mornings to get the digestive system off on the right foot.

#4 Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a nice floral scent and is the most effeminate smelling oil that is on our list. It is commonly used as a flower in religious and wedding ceremonies. The oil has been shown to assist in the appearance in healthy skin & hair (can you say full head of hair?) and is commonly used in shampoos and conditioners. It also has a calming effect that can assist in setting the mood for sensuality. Apply it and watch the ladies flock to you!

#5 doTERRA InTune

InTune is a great blend to apply during crunch time. It is designed to enhance and sustain a sense of focus and supports the efforts of those who have a difficult time staying on task or paying attention. I like to apply a little bit of InTune to my wrists or temples when I hit that 2:00 lull in my day and still have to accomplish my work. While a nap would be nice, InTune allows me to get the job done on time. I also love its musky smell, definitely feels like a man's blend.

#6 Peppermint

Peppermint is one of my favorite oils. I love it especially when I am headed to the gym. Applying a couple of drops to my chest or taken orally clears my head and motivates me to be at my best for my workout. Additionally, peppermint helps to open up my airways and allow me to have an easier time breathing. I find that my workouts are a lot easier and that I recover faster when I am using peppermint. I can always tell when I forgot to apply my oil because I have a much harder time doing my regular workout. Conveniently, doTERRA has also made this into a beadlet so I can just pop a little drop in my mouth without worrying about getting oil anywhere else.

#7 Cypress

Cypress essential oil has a fresh, clean aroma that can be combined with other essential oils nicely to have a fresh, manly scent. It has been known to help with oily skin conditions and promotes vitality and energy. I have found that applying two or three drops to my chest or feet before exercise or physical work gives me the energizing boost that I need to get the task done all the way on the first go. I also like to combine it into my massage oil to help with my skin composition and provide its refreshing effect during massage.

#8 Wild Orange

Wild Orange is probably my favorite essential oil that doTERRA makes. I love the strong citrus scent that takes me immediately into the orange grove. I like to rub it into the palms of my hands and onto the back of my neck to enhance my mood. After I rub it on my neck I will cup my hands over my face and inhale. I am immediately calm and focused. I will also commonly run this oil in my diffuser to spread the smell and calming effect throughout the whole room/house that I am in. This oil is on my must haves list, if you don't have it, get it now! Serious.

#9 Rosemary

Rosemary has a vast and varied list of benefits. It has been shown to support healthy digestion and respiratory function and also helps to reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue. It can be inhaled while working on a deadline to maintain concentration and focus or diffused into the air for the same purpose. I love to use this oil in my cooking and grilling because it adds the beautiful rosemary flavor and adds the digestive and internal benefits to my meal. Remember, when cooking with essential oils 1 drop of the essential oils can be 60-70x more potent than the equivalent amount of the same herb.

#10 Marjoram

Marjoram has a lot of heart, yup, that was cheesy. But really, it is great for your heart and your immune system when it is consumed or taken internally. It can be applied to the back of the neck to reduce feelings of stress or relieve the muscles. This is another one that I would add with cypress and peppermint to my pre-workout and post-workout regiment. Marjoram is another spice that can be substituted in cooking and brings worlds of flavor with just a little of the oil. I love using essential oils in cooking because it brings flavor like fresh herbs, but with something I have at my fingertips any time I want it. Give it a try in your next soup, stew, or roast goose...or since it is summer, just open the bottle and rub a little bit on.

Try some of these oils for your collection today. Click the names of each oil to learn more about them or order them now.

Happy Manning!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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