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Top 10 Essential Oils for Happy Traveling

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

I love all my essential oils, but there are some that I don't leave the house without - I mean ever. These oils are the ones that if you catch me having forgotten you will see that I feel ill at ease and totally naked. In fact, I would probably rather be caught naked than not having these oils. Plus, with a little carrying case they fit snugly in any carry-on bag or backpack.

Feel free to click the names of the oils below to learn more about each one.

#1 On Guard

Being sick is bad enough when you are in the comfort of your own home, but there is something that makes it that much worse when you are traveling and away from your creature comforts. I keep On Guard with me and apply it liberally when traveling. It keeps my defenses up and stops me from sharing what other people are carrying around. Planes and most of mass transit these days are really just petri dishes in motion and a great place to catch whatever strain is currently being passed around. Add a couple of drops of On Guard to your chest or, my preferred method, into your mouth to ensure that you have a healthy trip.

#2 Deep Blue

Traveling can be a pain in the butt, literally. When I get sore muscles from sitting all day or that pain in my calf from driving all day I will apply Deep Blue (either the lotion or the oil) to my sore muscles to recharge for the next day. I am constantly amazed by how effective it is. Two words of caution though; the four ounce lotion tube will get confiscated by TSA and be sure to wash the oil off your hands before using the bathroom or touching any sensitive regions (thank you menthols!).

#3 Past Tense

While Deep Blue is my go to for muscle aches and pains, Past Tense is my best friend for anything above the shoulders. I use it regularly for common headaches, but also love it for anytime my neck or jaw is tense. Sleeping in uncommon beds can lead to major stiffness in the neck (#notmypillow) and Past Tense is one of the quickest ways to undo that I have found. It comes in a convenient roll-on bottle so remove the cap, quick swipe, and you are back in business with out any oil on your hands.

#4 DigestZen

One of my favorite parts of travelling is trying local food and drink. I love to see how different cultures season and prepare their food and what they eat compared to my diet at home. The only issue with this love of mine is that my stomach isn't always accustomed to handling their different foods. When I get any of the nausea, indigestion, or general discomfort from eating something I maybe shouldn't have (at home and abroad) I reach for my bottle of DigestZen and within a couple minutes I feel much better.

#5 Breathe

How many times can I say different oils are my favorite before I lose credibility? Well, hopefully I have one more. Breathe is one of my absolute favorite oil blends that doTERRA makes. Not only does it smell awesome, the blend opens up the airways and reduces the likelihood of having sinus infection or allergies. I love to use this when I am away breathing in unfamiliar pollen so that I can still, you know, breathe. I add a couple of drops to my chest and neck and I can feel it working as soon as I first smell it.

#6 Lemon

Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. It sounds like a broken record right? Seriously, don't leave home without them. If you don't have them, get them today. I am not joking. With these three oils you can do just about anything well enough to be happy. Lemon is great for detoxing from a little too much travel partying, cleaning gum off your shoes (or hair) and is wonderful for combating jet lag. I keep a glass water bottle full of lemon (oil) water and apply it to my hands to inhale on a regular basis.

#7 Lavender

Surprise! Betcha didn't see this coming! Lavender is great to have while traveling because it is great for everything concerning the skin. Combine it with peppermint oil and apply to a sunburn to soothe the skin, combine with melaleuca and apply to bug bites to stop the itch, or just spray a little bit on your pillow to relax you for bed. Whatever your application of choice, lavender has got to be on your next trip.

#8 Peppermint

The third in my go to trio, peppermint is great for dealing with day 3+ of your vacation. You know, the ones where the adrenaline has worn off and you are starting to drag? I apply a couple drops to my chest and then cup my hands over my face and inhale. Boom, revitalized! I also like to take a drop orally (as always, only if it is Certified Pure!) and enjoy the feeling of my sinuses opening up and that cooling sensation through my whole airway. Really, it doesn't get much better than that unless I am at the summit of a mountain breathing in that fresh morning air.

#9  TerraShield

The best way to treat the itchiness and annoyance of a bug bite is to not get it in the first place. TerraShield is my companion on forest trails, in sticky jungles, and really anywhere there are bugs that want to bite me. Apparently I have really sweet blood and insects are getting more advanced (Florida! Why don't your mosquitos buzz?) so I make sure that I am covered in TerraShield. I am serious about covered. It is so effective that if the bugs realize you left somewhere uncovered, like the back of your neck or knees, they will all congregate there and it is not pleasant. I promise.

#10  Melaleuca

I love melaleuca. I don't know if herbs have families, but if so this would be the little sister to oregano. Not the typical little sister that the older siblings take care of, but like if Laura Croft was your little sister and she kicked some serious tail. I use melaleuca wherever I feel a bug coming on (illness, TerraShield is for the creepy crawlies, remember) and I want to double team it with the On Guard. It is also incredibly gentle so you can use it directly on kids without feeling concerned about it being hot like On Guard or Oregano. As stated before, this works wonders for clearing up bug bites, gotta love that!

Get these oils in your collection today. Click the names of each oil to learn more about them or order them now.

Happy Travels!

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