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Peach Pie Moonshine Mule

I have come to love moonshine, particularly the apple pie variety, and when you mix that with peaches you end up in heaven!

I actually owe most of the inspiration for this cocktail to PF Changs, not so much because they created it, but because they inspired me with one of their cocktails. I suppose that I also owe a good portion of it to laziness because I wasn’t willing to go to the store for the ingredients I was missing to make the drink they have. Giving credit where credit is due, whatever the root cause, this drink ended up fantastic.

The apple pie moonshine is actually something that I learned to make with Emily’s uncle. He has been a fantastic influence in my love for moonshine. I first traded a set of The Body Balls to him for a bottle of apple pie moonshine. Initially, I would mix it with ginger ale over ice and enjoy it just like that; this is his classic recipe. As time went on, I began to get more experimental with both the regular moonshine and also the apple pie moonshine.

I quickly found that you could make a variation of almost any cocktail using moonshine as the liquor and with some slight flavor profile changes end up with a really nice cocktail close to what you had experienced before. I have actually grown to like the flavor of moonshine, it is slightly more distinct than many other clear liquors, and think that it adds to the flavor of the drinks that I mix it into.

In attempting to duplicate the Peach Whiskey Mule from PF Changs, which I highly recommend, I discovered that I was missing both fresh peaches (it was December after all) and whiskey. Limes alone in my glass didn’t seem to produce the same effect, so I started to improvise my way to a new cocktail.

As assets I had my apple pie moonshine, a peach belini mixer, limes, and ginger beer. I knew that each of those elements independently had been reliable to me in the past and decided to give them a chance to play together as a team and see what would happen! It turned out that they did beautifully and the peach pie moonshine mule was born.

The next time that we were at Emily’s uncle’s house I wanted to show him the new recipe I had used his moonshine in. It seems that each time I went to make it, though, the recipe needed to adapt. He didn’t have any peach mixers, but he had fresh peaches. I threw the moonshine, lime juice, and peaches in the blender and made a smoothie of sorts. After apportioning it to glasses I added ginger beer on top and had some delicious, icy mules.

Obviously, it was way better with real peaches than with a peach flavored mixer and I knew that when peach season came around I would be making the best one ever. I didn’t yet understand how delicious it would be though.

Fresh peaches make this drink the BEST!!!

I pureed the peaches beforehand because it was so easy before and muddling a peach for flavor doesn’t work very well. It also makes it a lot easier to make several because you don’t have to muddle the fruit for each individual cup. I also started juicing the limes for the same reason, I could get more predictable amount of flavor in each cup.

This drink has become one of my signature cocktails and is probably my favorite drink around. I welcome you to adapt it as you like, or as your ingredients allow, because each time it has morphed for me it has only become more delicious.

I am sure that this will become a favorite for you and your guests as well!


Makes 1 cocktail


  • 1 oz Apple Pie Moonshine

  • 1 oz Peach Puree

  • 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

  • 2 drops doTERRA Lime Essential Oil*

  • 1 drop doTERRA Ginger Essential Oil*

  • 4-6 oz Ginger Beer (I like to make my own with this recipe)

  • Copper Mug full of Ice


To make the peach puree cut 2 peaches into quarters, add ¼ cup water, blend on high until the peaches are completely pureed.

Add moonshine, peach puree, Lime Juice, and essential oils into cocktail shaker. Since there isn’t anything muddled I don’t usually shake this, simply swirl it around to combine the ingredients; it will mix the rest of the way as it goes into the ice. Pour the mix over ice into your copper mug, fill with ginger beer and garnish with a peach, lime, or both.

Turn to someone in the room with you, say cheers, and enjoy!

Happy Mixing!

*You do not have to use doTERRA essential oils but if you do use essential oils make sure they are food grade and safe for internal consumption.

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