korean chicken bowl with green mandarin cucumber-mango salad and spicy mayo sauce

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

This is has nothing to do with my recipe but I am currently writing this post at a coffee shop. Thought I would take advantage of the ability to get out of the house finally. Feels nice to see live humans again!

I just had to get that out there.....the things you take for granted!

That being said, this recipe all started with me trying to get rid of a can of mango nectar. Great things sometime start from nothing!

A lot of people ask me where I get ideas for my recipes.

I have to admit...a lot of times it is me forcing myself to come up with a recipe using some ingredient that is sitting around my house that I have decided NEEDS to be used. I looked in my freezer and saw that I had some chicken breasts left over from my Butcher Box so I knew it would be something with chicken!

Now, that being said, I did have to go to the store and pick up additional items once I decided on the dish I wanted to make..... so I don't know if I get full credit for creating a dish entirely from items in my house, because that did not happen.

Do I care? No, I do not.

Once I get an idea for a recipe in my head I just have to go for it.

Korean flavor profiles are usually where my mind goes because I am so in love with the Korean chili paste gochujang. I think a tub of this stuff goes faster in my house than a carton of milk. ( I might be exaggerating a bit.) I put it in everything that I can think of! Kimchi was also a big staple in my family growing up. It was like a go-to snack.

(Yes, we had weird snacks in our house!)

We didn't have chip bags, frozen pizzas or fruit snacks in our house. The snacks in my house consisted of kimchi, pickles, olives and cheese...and sauteed onions. Yeah, that was my favorite treat as a teenager. That might have been a little weird but I didn't care!

Plus, my mom hated onions. That is how I exerted my dominance as a teenager and showed my rebellion. I filled the house with the aroma of slimy fried onions. I was so bad!

Now enters the infamous can of mango nectar.

Since Josh and I are both event bartenders on the side we end up with lots of random juices and mixers. We had a can of mango puree, for some reason that I cannot remember, but I knew I wanted to finally get rid of the stupid thing.

I came to the conclusion that a combination of mango puree and gochujang paste as a sauce for the chicken would be a delightful combination. I was right!

A quick and easy sauce that can easily be made at any time but tastes so good!

Disclaimer: I have never been as creative with my flavor profiles until essential oils came into my life! Less food goes bad in my fridge now too! Just before the sauce was done I decided to just throw in bergamot essential oil and it offered a delicious twist. Like, where would I have had bergamot lime to add to a dish usually!! Just love it!

(I think the excitement of being out and about it getting to me!)

Since the chicken and the kimchi has more spicy notes I decided to make a refreshing cucumber mango salad to kind of balance out the heat. I have so many interesting comments about this salad I am not sure where to start first!

Actually, yes I do. If I had a head smacking emoji I could add right now I totally would. WASH YOUR CUCUMBERS!!

I made the idiotic mistake, because I was not thin