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Who Are We?

At Dalisay Living, Josh and I are determined to give you healthy and fun recipes that use real, local and seasonal ingredients. We use essential oils in our cooking because we believe that they provide amazing benefits and flavor. They are so easy to use and make cooking just a little bit simpler. Who doesn't want that?

I know a lot of people are not familiar with essential oils or how to use them. Our goal is to educate you and teach you how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily life and cooking routine. Take it from us, once you get started you will realize how easy it is and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner!

Our Journey

When I was in the process of creating my blog, I met Josh. He had been selling doTERRA essential oils for about 6 years. One day I had the amazing idea pop into my head to use essential oils in my recipes. We all need that unique niche right? As time went on and I learned more and more about the health and (taste) benefits of essential oils I myself was fascinated at how effective these oils were at creating flavorful recipes!


So now on this blog you can get the helpful information about essential oils that we have gathered over the years, list of our top ten essential oil articles, and tested and true recipes from our kitchen.  We have a lot of fun producing this for you and hope that you have just as much fun reading it. (Especially if you enjoy sarcastic humor!)  After all, life is too short not to enjoy every minute of it! So come on this learning experience with us. We ourselves are learning everyday!

If you are interested in reading more of this story and get ideas on how to start incorporating essential oils into your kitchen, check out my article Essential Oils For Your Kitchen and Why We Use Them, Part One and Part Two. 

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