supergrain porridge with glazed butternut squash, honey seed brittle + coconut cream

My new favorite autumn breakfast! Sometimes just a bowl of something healthy and delicious will help start your day off just a little bit better.

I decided to make this recipe for a few reasons:

1. I feel like every food blogger needs one of those over the top beautiful porridge recipes.

2. I had a butternut squash sitting around that I really needed to use.

3. I was tired of making myself Cream of Wheat everyday and decided I needed something a little more exciting (and healthier) in my life.

I believe reason two and three were much more motivating factors but I just had to throw in reason number one.

I have been wanting to do this recipe for the past year and I am so excited that I finally got to share it with all of you. It turned out so much better than I hoped for which is always a nice little boost to the ego. Especially since I had been down in the dumps the last few days so I really needed the boost!

This porridge combines three supergrains: millet, quinoa and amaranth. Millet is great because it is high in B vitamins, quinoa, as everyone knows is a complete protein meaning it contains all 9 of our essential amino acids and amaranth is high in calcium and protein. Plus, I think it just taste great to have a nice variety when making porridge!

I like my porridge to be very creamy but I try to avoid using dairy as much as I can because I believe dairy is very acid forming and not that nutritious. I also have a light form of rosacea so I especially try and stay away from it.

Since that is the case I just threw in a whole can of coconut milk in with the cooking water and just let the grains all cook together so they could get nice and creamy! Yum.

The butternut squash was the best part to me. It adds a special bonus if you use fresh squeezed orange juice but I know some of us don't have time for that, so regular store bought orange juice would work just fine too! I reduced the juice down with some honey and ginger and wild orange essential oil and made a thin syrup that I then tossed with the roasted butternut squash.

This was soooo good in itself and the ginger essential oil added just the perfect ginger punch. Josh and I were just sitting there eating the squash right out of the pan. Honestly, you could just ditch this porridge recipe and just make the squash and nobody would blame you. I almost did myself!

You will have leftover butternut squash which will keep nicely and you can easily save it for more future porridge recipes or use it to make an autumn smoothie. I actually think that is what I am going to do this very morning. Look for my quick recipe on instagram!

For the brittle I actually used the seeds from the butternut squash, seeds from a delicata squash I had just recently roasted and some pumpkin seeds I bought from the store. It can be a pain in the ass to clean and use the seeds from the squash but I like to utilize all of the ingredient if I can. You can easily just make this with pumpkin seeds that you buy from the store. Nobody will blame you!

I always say that if you can cut corners to get yourself to make a healthy meal it's better than not doing it at all!

If you do use the seeds from the squash, I discovered that giving them a little roast in the oven for about 10 minutes helps them not be super chewy when you make the cluster recipe but instead be a little more crunchy. Which is the desired effect I would want myself.

I ended up just throwing some of the butternut squash in with the leftover porridge so I could easily heat it up the next day and eat it over the course of the next few days but you can also keep all the components separate in the fridge. Or if you have a big family you might just end up eating it all in one sitting!

Make sure to tell me what everyone thinks or of any improvements you made. Love to hear it!

supergrain porridge