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Raspberry Irish Breakfast Boozie

Originally, I was going to be name this cocktail the Irish King because it has Chambord in it. In my mind, there really isn’t a more royal liquor than Chambord. It is a deep purple, made with black raspberries the cap has a crown on it, and even the shape of the bottle says ‘I must be worth it because I am going to be a pain in the ass to pour.’

After, combining the raspberries and the Irish cream this drink ended up looking more like a breakfast smoothie than it did a cocktail. And well, we decided that was okay because what is more Irish than booze for breakfast! Thus, the breakfast boozie was born!!

The addition of the orange essential oil was inspired by the childhood memory of those chocolate oranges that come out at Christmas time. I know it is a random inspiration point, but with the chocolate flavor from the Irish cream and the black raspberry of the Chambord, orange seemed to be the best way to round this out. I haven’t had one of those chocolate oranges in years, but this cocktail tastes the way my memory has romanticized those oranges tasting.

Muddling the berries is a key to the appearance and taste of this cocktail. When they are available, I would always choose black raspberries over the red, but since they are less common, red definitely does the trick. You want to muddle them with the ice until they are almost all the way broken up. If you are mass producing this cocktail you could also make a simple raspberry pulp beforehand and add a tablespoon to each cocktail. The muddled berries are able to impart the richness of color to the cocktail that the Chambord alone cannot.

One quick word of wisdom on this cocktail – sip it slowly! It is an Irish cocktail, therefore, it is almost exclusively alcohol. Combining a base alcohol (Irish Whiskey) and two liquors (Irish Cream and Chambord) leads to a very strong drink. As our dedicated cocktail tester, I found that just one is plenty to get you tipsy. My second one later in the day produced the same result. You know, you got to check those results to prove the results of a study. Some of our cocktails are so good, I mean in need of studying, that I have to make it 6 or 7 times before I feel it is ready to release. Just looking out for my readers of course.

The Irish cream and Irish whiskey base makes an easy exploring ground for testing out other flavors too. If raspberry/orange isn’t your vibe, you could go for a peppermint or a butterscotch or even an amaretto. Take it out for a spin and let me know if you find something amazing.

I hope you enjoy making this cocktail as much as I did.

Happy mixing!


Makes 1 cocktail


1 ½ oz Irish Whiskey

¾ oz Chambord

¾ oz Irish Cream Liquor

5 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil*

7 Raspberries (for muddling)

1 Thin Sliced Orange (for garnish)

2 Raspberries (for garnish)


Quickly muddle the raspberries and the ice in a shaker tin to break the raspberries up, try not to break the ice too much as this will cause it to melt. Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker tin (except the garnish, of course) and shake vigorously for 15 seconds to combine. Dump the entire contents into a bucket glass (or whatever suits your fancy) and add ice as needed. Garnish with orange slice and remaining raspberries. Serve immediately, and again, sip slowly.

Pro Tips:

· Premuddling the raspberries into a pulp and then adding a tablespoon to the cocktail can make this drink a lot faster to assemble and save your ice from getting crushed.

· If you let this drink sit for a while the ice melt with float on top because the liquors are quite heavy. Give it a quick stir and the flavors will be balanced again. You can also dump it back in the shaker tin and then into the cup again and it will mix nicely together.

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*You do not have to use essential oils but if you do make sure you use essential oils that are food grade and safe for internal consumption.

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