Education Events

In home and in office education.

Lot's of people want to learn about natural health and essential oils, but find that it is inconvenient to make it to a class.  Plus, it is more fun to learn at home right?  We will come to you and teach a group of 3 or more (about 8 is optimal) for FREE as long as we can provide people the opportunity to buy products as they wish.  

All of our classes are actually educational, not just sales pitches, so people enjoy being there and will be grateful you invited them.  Additionally, you, as the host, will receive a hostess gift just for people showing up to learn.

Not interested in having a group together at your home?  We will also come to your office or other gathering place as well.  Our only requirement is that they allow us to sell products there (we do need to keep the lights on after all!).

Contact us to learn more about how to make this happen!

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