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Thank You

If you are reading this, you have likely recently purchased The Body Ball massage set. Thank you for ordering! 


We hope that you enjoy the system as much as we do and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our website/where you purchased your set.  

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Reasons to Love The Body Ball

No Smell

Due to the stainless-steel design The Body Ball is scentless.  Enjoy therapeutic massage without the strong rubber or plastic manufacturing smells that accompany other massage balls and rollers.  Make the switch today, your nose will thank you.

Lightweight & Durable

Stainless-steel is very sturdy; due to this, The Body Ball only needs to be 1.5 mm thick to get the desired strength and durability.  As a hollow ball, The Body Ball is much lighter than other massage balls while, at the same time, will not break or misshape during use.  Interestingly, we actually have an easier time flying with the stainless-steel massage balls than we ever did with the rubber massage balls or baseballs we used before developing The Body Ball. I guess in that vain we can also add convenient to the list of The Body Ball’s qualities.

Different Sizes

Our muscles come in different sizes, it makes sense that our massage tools would also.  The large massage ball (3 in) is ideal for gentle massage on all areas and is great for the back, legs, and glutes.  The small massage ball (2 in) is designed to target tight knots and works well in the arms and neck to get into those smaller muscle groups.


We always use things more if we see them on a daily basis.  Most massage tools are cumbersome and ugly, but with The Body’s Balls attractive stainless-steel finish they can become a part of your décor as well as a useful massage tool.  Most people place them in a nice bowl on their bed side table or in their living room and find that they end up giving and receiving massage on a daily basis because they think of it.

Essential Oil Safe

Plastic, foam, and rubber massage tools are all usually susceptible to deterioration when essential oils are used with them.  This means that when they break down, those chemicals are driven into whatever they are in contact with – AKA Your Skin! With The Body Ball this is no longer a concern because their stainless-steel construction makes them essential oil safe.  You can use The Body Ball safely with essential oils and massage creams to increase the speed and depth of your relief.

Smooth Surface

Ever dragged a rubber band across your skin (or had a friend do it to you to get a rise)? It’s no fun!  Why would you willingly use such a technique for your massage? The Body Ball’s stainless-steel exterior slides easily over skin, hair, and clothing without grabbing it like a rubber ball would.  With our without lotion The Body Ball will give you a nice, easy massage each time.

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